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About Us

Our Story
Our goal is to help support, educate and empower all birthing persons! We feel that education is power and the more informed you are the more confident you will be when it comes to labor and birth.
Spirited Soul Birth Services is the culmination of a seed of an idea from the owner, Sheri. The agency came to life after being a doula on her own, then working within a collective, followed by a brief pause from the 'doula life' while dealing with some pretty momentous life experiences within her own family.  Sheri's inspiration for the name, Spirited Soul, was inspired by her own two beautiful, loving, STRONG-WILLED children who have been referred to as spirited on more than one occasion. The dictionary definition of "spirited" is as follows:  



  1. full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

  2. having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood.

So Sheri chose to run this business with those same characteristics!
With the help and backing of a doula friend who had taken their original birth doula training together, Sheri launched Spirited Soul Birth Services, and Westman's only doula agency was born!

Spirited Soul Birth Services is a group of women, passionate about supporting families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.We provide physical and emotional support in pregnancy, during birth, and during the fourth trimester. Working for you and alongside your primary care provider, we assist, guide, empower, and support families during this transitional period of their lives. When you hire a doula through Spirited Soul Birth Services, you are getting quality care, exceptional experience, and passion for birth and helping families. In addition to our birth and postpartum doula services, we also have a range of other services for expectant families. We have a registered massage therapist, who specializes in prenatal massage, and also offer some incredible classes, including a birthing skills class, geared towards providing your partner with a full range of tricks to provide you with comfort during your birth. For postpartum families, we promote bonding with our infant massage class.

Between us, we have over 24 years of experience in providing exceptional birth support. Our doulas are all trained or certified through DONA International, the worlds premier doula training organization. Our unique agency model means that you get a team of doulas at your fingertips, available for whatever questions and concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with non-judgemental support, evidence-based information, and a calming, knowledgeable presence during your birth. Since we work in a team of two, but also have a 3rd back up doula you are assured to have established a rapport with both your doulas, and will always have someone you know and trust at your side.


Our mission is to provide Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum support to expectant parents in Brandon, Manitoba and the surrounding Western Manitoba region. Our goal is to help support, educate, and empower parents with their pregnancy, birth,  and journey in the postpartum period.

We believe incredible things happen when women support families during these transformative times.


We look forward to meeting potential clients and discussing your birth and postpartum needs with you!

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