The best of two phenomenal classes! 

Over the course of two Saturdays, learn everything you need & want to know about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and how to cope and manage labour with this fantastic combined course from Spirited Soul Birth Services and Joyful Moments Prenatal. 

All of the knowledge and education you should have for birth with prenatal education, and all of the skills from our comfort measures course. You can choose to take both courses (best value!) Or, you can opt for JUST the prenatal education class or JUST Labour of Love. See below for more details about both of these courses, pricing, and click the REGISTRATION button to register.

This one-time course is being offered ONLY in Neepawa March 7 & 14 2020, at the Arts Forward Centre. 

Labour of Love - Support & Coping Skills: 

When it comes to birth, the one thing that is for certain is that the baby has got to come out. Doulas are experts in comfort measures and techniques for coping with labour. But hiring a doula isn’t for every person, for a variety of reasons. As doulas, we want to empower and support every birthing person and so we developed this class to teach you and your partner some tried and true techniques to manage your own labours!

Centered on your “labour bag,” we help you create a bag of helpful items, reminders, and handouts that you can take with you to your choice of birthplace in order to help provide you with comfort and support during your own birth. These are skills that can be used for all types of births - back labour, induction, VBAC, natural birth, epidural, or with or without pain medications. No one can predict how your labor is going to go.. Fast and intense? Slow and drawn out? Textbook or unusual? With this Labor of Love class be prepared to learn in detail, some of the tried and true techniques to help manage and cope with the roller coaster ride of labor!


Whether you are first time parents and don’t know what to expect, or on your sixth baby and looking for a refresher; whether you’re hoping for a different experience than last time, or whether you are planning for a home birth or a hospital birth - this fun, relaxing, interactive class is for you.

Labour of Love: Support and Coping Skills will have you walking away with a tangible bag of items to use during birth, and feeling knowledgeable and empowered to birth with confidence, no matter what your birth looks like

Joyful Moments Prenatal:
This condensed version of the regular Joyful Moments course is aimed at increasing your confidence and ability to give birth and promoting the childbirth experience as an experience which profoundly affects your family. Birth is a once in a lifetime event, and it is important to prepare for it, so that you have the knowledge and information to be able to make informed decisions and advocate for yourself and your baby.

All aspects of birth will be covered in an effort to help you thoroughly understand the process as well as your options for birth, in an engaging and interesting manner. Prepare for your baby by learning everything you need to know about childbirth! Learn the most current, evidence based information about all aspects of childbirth, and what your options are. An informed birth is a prepared birth, and this course is aimed at increasing your confidence in giving birth.

With the strength of the Lamaze name behind the class, you can be assured that you are attending an evidence-based, transformative, and respectful class that will cover, in detail, information firmly rooted in the latest childbirth research. If you are looking for the most scientifically backed information on safe, healthy, and normal birth practices, then this is the class for you. This class consists of one and a half days of prenatal education, plus the three hour Labour of Love in depth comfort skills workshop. 

Topics Covered Include:
Labour & Birth - Normal, physiological pregnancy, labour & the birth process
Labour & Birth - Variations of Normal & Medical Interventions
Postpartum & Baby - The Postpartum Period, Breastfeeding, and Newborns

Labour Comfort - Medical Management of Labour Pain 

Please note, normally non-medical methods of labour comfort are covered as well, however those topics are covered thoroughly in the Labour of Love class and so some information has been removed to condense the prenatal portion of this combined class!!

Course Schedule & Pricing

March 7, 2020 - 9AM - 4:30PM (30 min lunch break) - Joyful Moments Prenatal Part 1

March 14, 2020 - 9AM - 12:30PM - Joyful Moments Prenatal Part 2
March 14, 2020 - 1PM - 4PM - Labour of Love Skills Class

Joyful Moments Prenatal ONLY  (1.5 days) - $200
Labour of Love ONLY (half day) - $99

BOTH Labour of Love & Joyful Moments Prenatal (both days) - $225 

(Save $74!!)


Please click the button below to register for one or both sessions! 

Registration Deadline February 26, 2020

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