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Packages & Combinations

Please take a moment to look through our amazing packages and combinations of services. Please contact us for rates and fees. Not seeing what you're looking for? Ask us about custom packages. Payment plans are available. 

Essential Birth - Birth Support only

We are a doula agency that works in a team of two, with access to a third back up doula so you have access to two doulas that you can build a rapport with and be confident in knowing there will always be a back up for your birth if something out of our hands was to happen (family emergency, weather etc)  Our birth doula package includes 1-3 prenatal visits where we get to know you and your partner, learn what you and your partner are hoping for for this birth, provide information on any questions you might have, and discuss in depth your feelings on comfort measures and on birth generally. We also are available from the time of signing the contract and paying the deposit via phone, text, or email to always be available to answer your questions. We are on call for your birth for two full weeks surrounding your estimated due date, and when you go into labour, we stay in close contact with you on the phone until you ask us to join you, whether that is at home or in the hospital. We remain with you and your partner through your entire birth for physical and emotional support for you both, providing a variety of comfort measures and endless non-judgemental support so you feel supported and informed throughout the birth process. We stay with you until 1-2 hours after your baby is born, providing help with immediate postpartum needs, helping you get feeding off to a good start, making sure you get something to eat, and so on, until you are all comfortable, settled, and ready to be a family unit! After birth, we do two postpartum visits with you, one in the first couple of days and one before the end of two weeks, to go over the birth and help you with any newborn challenges you may be facing. We also keep in continued phone and text contact during this period.

Peaceful Postpartum - Postpartum Support Only

newborn 5.jpeg

Postpartum doula is a trained professional that provides evidence based information on things such as infant feeding, normal emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Research shows that moms, dads and babies have an easier time with this transition if a good
support team is in place.
A Postpartum doula may assist with:
 Supporting and helping with breast/bottle feeding
 Bathing
 Help with Meal Prep
 Giving time for mom to have a rest or run errands
 Help with siblings and pets
 Light housekeeping 
 Help with organization for baby
Postpartum doulas can work a variety of hours, depending on families needs with a minimum of a 3 hour shift.  Postpartum doulas offer night time service to help the family transition more smoothly into the challenges of night time parenting. A Postpartum doula does not perform medical tasks or any diagnosis. Its important to remember they are not nannies, chefs, maids or lactation specialists but an additional support to help out with all the little things that take time away from mom so that she can focus solely on her babe. We are there to mother the mother.


You can choose to book a postpartum doula for as many hours as you think you may need. For your convenience, we have postpartum bundles set up in these increments. 
0-24 hours

25 - 49 hours
50+ hours

Prenatal Pampering - Birth Doula & Massage Therapy

Once you have chosen your birth doula team of two, you can add on this massage package.
In addition to our full Essential Birth support package, you also get 5 prenatal massages with
Registered Massage Therapist Sheri Reimer. Massages can be claimed under your insurance, if
you have private insurance coverage. Sheri is not only specializing in prenatal massage
therapy, she also has an amazing specially designed prenatal massage table where you can safely lay flat on your stomach, fully supported in order to relax completely for your therapeutic massage.

Exfoliation Treatment

Essential Birth & Peaceful Postpartum Combinations


When you are expecting, sometimes little thought is put into taking care of yourself after your
bundle of joy has arrived! And that little bundle can send you for a loop! So our birth and
postpartum support packages are designed to take all the concerns away from you when it
comes to both birth and the postpartum period! Not only do you get the personal care and
attention leading up to your birth from your selected team of two doulas (see our Double the
Fun birth support information for details), but you also can relax about your postpartum
experience by know you have a dedicated, caring postpartum doula ready to help you once
your little one has arrived! For full details on what your postpartum doula does, please see our
Peaceful Postpartum postpartum support information. Our birth & postpartum support
packages are extremely flexible, you can choose one of these pre-set package options or
choose the number of postpartum hours you wish to book.

Birth Support & 6 Hours Postpartum Care - Great Start Birth & Postpartum
Birth Support & 12 hours Postpartum Care - Supported Birth & Baby
Birth Support & 25 hours Postpartum Care - Indulged Birth & Postpartum
Birth Support & 40 hours Postpartum Care - Prepared Birth & Pleasant Postpartum

Bounce Back Package - Massage, Birth, & Postpartum

Are you a planner and want to have all the details of your support and comfort for pregnancy and
postpartum worked out well in advance? Then this is the package for you! Our most popular services
combined into one amazing package deal just for you! You get everything we offer – a dedicated birth
doula team to work with you in pregnancy, a rock star postpartum support doula to work with you
during your postpartum period for 25 hours of amazing support, and 5 massages from Registered
Massage Therapist Sheri Reimer to be used either prenatally or postpartum, (which can be claimed
through your insurance!). Please see Essential Birth and Peaceful Postpartum for more details on these services.

pregnant belly stock 2.jpeg

Supportive Cesarean - Cesarean Birth Support

newborn stock 3 cesearean.jpeg

Are you planning a scheduled Cesarean birth? You can still definitely use the support of a doula! If you know that you are planning a cesarean birth, your doula provides you with much the same support as though you were planning a vaginal delivery, with the exception that we know when you will be having your baby!

For a scheduled cesarean birth, your doula team will still have 2-3 prenatal visits with you, to go over what a cesarean is, how it is performed, and any options that you have to help make it a gentle cesarean. On the day of your baby’s birth, we attend the hospital with you & your partner, help get you ready, and wait with you both until you are taken down for surgery. If you request it, we will go into the OR with you and provide support to you during the procedure. After the baby has been born, we can help facilitate skin to skin in the OR, if it is possible, and hopefully help you in recovery with getting breastfeeding started, or facilitating as much skin to skin as possible. If the baby needs to go to the NICU, we can either stay with you or go with the baby and let you know how everything is going if you have to be separated. And once you are both returned to your room, we can stay with you as you
recover and help you bond with your little bundle!

Soothing Cesarean & Massage

All the support for your scheduled cesarean birth from our Supportive Cesarean package, plus 5
therapeutic massages from Registered Massage Therapist Sheri Reimer. Massages can be used either
prenatally or postpartum, after your doctor has given the OK.

Image by Patricia Prudente
Image by Sergiu Vălenaș

Caring & Catered Cesarean & Postpartum

This is the Cadillac of support packages for your cesarean birth! All the support of a birth doula
prenatally and at the hospital during your scheduled cesarean birth, and your choice between 12 hours or our most popular 25 hours of dedicated postpartum support! Have someone able to come and help you as often as you need (according to scheduling) and help you bond and care for your baby, while allowing you to heal from your major abdominal surgery and the birth of you baby! Cesarean births can be tough to recover from, and you can use all the help you can get when adjusting to a new baby and recovering from surgery. Our postpartum doulas provide gentle, caring assistance to cater to your unique postpartum needs!

Caring Package - 12 hours 
Catered Package - 25 hours

Birth Photography Collaboration

Interested in adding Birth Photography to any of our above packages or service combinations? 

We have an exciting collaboration with Jonna Mitton Photography, for Spirited Soul Birth doulas AND the amazing birth photography from Jonna Mitton. For details on our collaboration and the special pricing included with that, please visit Birth Photography with Jonna Mitton

You can choose to add Jonna's amazing talents to ANY of our regular package deals! Contact us today for pricing information for Jonna Mitton Birth Photography. 

Jonna Mitton Collab.jpg
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