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About Spirited Soul Birth Services

So who is Spirited Soul Birth Services? Where did we come from, what is it that we believe in, and why do we exist? (Okay, that last one might be a little existential for this blog!) Spirited Soul Birth Services is the passion of one Sheri Reimer, registered massage therapist and fabulous person. Birth work, and working with mothers and new families is her true calling, and the work in which she truly belongs (although she is a damn good massage therapist as well!). At least, this is my opinion - and Sheri will hopefully introduce herself as well. Anyway, back to Spirited Soul.

Spirited Soul Birth Services is Westmans first and only doula agency. Under the guidance and vision of Sheri, our independently contracted doulas work in teams of two to provide birth support. We also have a range of additional services, including postpartum support, prenatal massage therapy, infant massage classes, labour skills classes, and henna belly art, for now. We hopefully will offer additional classes geared towards expectant and new parents, as well as other services our clients are interested in. Spirited Soul is unique in the area due to our model of birth care, as well as our combination of skill, experience and passion on our birth doula teams. Currently, our two teams of doulas consist of one doula with 7 years of experience working in birth in Westman, and a second, newer doula with enthusiastic passion for all things birthy. Additionally, each birth team consists of two birth doulas and one who is also a postpartum doula, so you can build and establish a relationship with the team prior to your birth so we can fulfill whatever needs you may have. Together, we are a team that is ready and available for whatever questions or needs that you may have. What sets us apart is that you meet regularly with each of your doulas, in order to build a rapport with us, and we both respond to any queries that you have. And when you go into labour, you are assured of having a person with you, that you are familiar with and that truly cares for you and what your choices are, no matter what they may be. Our model is set up so that our doulas work in harmony with you and your partner, creating a system where no matter what happens in your birth one of us will be there to fully support whatever choices the two of you make. Our role is to support you, support your choices, and provide you with whatever information you want in order to make informed decisions for your birth. We, as a group of women, are inspired to empower you so that you feel like you are a part of your own birth story.

Sheri, Kelcey, Bethany, and Tiffany

Our mission is to provide Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum support to expectant parents in Brandon, Manitoba and the surrounding Western Manitoba region. Our goal is to help support, educate, and empower parents with their pregnancy, birth, and journey in the postpartum period.

We believe incredible things happen when women support families during these transformative times.

So what does this mean? It means that we are the top choice for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support to expectant parents in this area. We cover families that travel to Brandon to birth, as well as families that birth in other places, including Neepawa, Dauphin, or wherever. We will travel to you, if you aren’t able to come to us. Our past clients include people from as far west as Saskatchewan, as well. We work well with both the obstetricians and midwives in Brandon, as well as with family doctors. Our role is to support you through all aspects of your childbearing experience, which includes pregnancy, the labour, as well as during your postpartum period. The variety of services we provide are geared towards supporting all aspects of your unique experience. During pregnancy, we offer prenatal massage with Sheri, a registered massage therapist, as well as a labour prep skills class called Labour of Love, geared towards teaching you and your partner or labour support person all the skills you might need for comfort during labour. We also have a talented henna artist who can do a lovely temporary henna tattoo on your baby bump if you want!

Our birth services include our trained birth doulas, each on the path towards certification with DONA International, the premier doula training organization. Currently, we have one of the only fully certified DONA birth doulas, as well. When you hire a birth doula with Spirited Soul, you are actually getting two doulas, who you will meet with and build a relationship with during pregnancy. We meet with you at least three times, prior to birth, and attend your entire labour (no matter how long it is!) until a couple hours after baby arrives. We work with you and your partner during birth to honour and respect your birthing wishes and choices, and ensure that it is YOUR experience. We support you as you labour, believing in you and your ability to have your baby. And once baby has arrived, your doula stays with you until you are ready for us to leave. We follow up with you at least twice in person after birth, and remain in contact with you via text, phone or email from the time you hire us until after our time together is concluded. And should you require additional postpartum support? Spirited Soul Birth Services has the ONLY two trained postpartum doulas in all of Westman. Our two postpartum doulas will come in to your home to assist you with your postpartum, in a variety of ways. Whether that is light housekeeping, some laundry, some baby care, helping with infant feeding, working overnight so you can get some extra sleep, or even just listening to you and helping you with whatever it is you need, our postpartum doulas have been specifically trained to support you during this transitional time.

Spirited Soul Birth Services is passionate about supporting, educating, and empowering you on YOUR journey. We believe that incredible things can happen with women support families during this transformative time. Having a baby, whatever way that baby enters your family, IS a period of transformation. Whether it is your first baby or your fifth, every new baby creates a new mother, and a new father, as it is new to that baby. You are never the same parent you were before that baby arrives. Whether you have a surgical birth, a natural birth, or bring in a new baby to your family via adoption or surrogacy, our services can help you as you adjust to the new, smallest member of your family. And it is really all about you - your birth, your baby, your new family. We want to empower you to have confidence in yourself, your choices, and your experiences. We believe that our services and our doulas can help you have an empowered, informed, and supported pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Stay tuned for a follow-up post where we introduce our doulas!

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