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Kelcey's Breech Cesarean Birth -Soul Mama Story

My name is Kelcey. I became a Birth Doula one year ago, last May, and a Postpartum Doula this past February. Pregnancy and birth first sparked an interest to me when my mom became pregnant with my younger siblings. I loved feeling my sisters and brothers’ kicks and had a close call with being present for one of my sisters birth when my mom went into labour while we were in Brandon. Fast forward many years later and my passion for pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester blossomed when I had my son, Hunter, 4 years ago. I had an amazing pregnancy. I was lucky and had next to no morning sickness, usual cravings, and loved all the kicks and flips I felt along the way. I had heard of a doula and considered hiring one, but unfortunately hadn’t made that leap. Next time! ;)

Since we are all birth nerds here, we love talking about our own personal experiences. I’d like to share my birth story with all of you.

This is my birth story.

At my 38 week appointment, my midwife found Hunter had turned breech. I had an ultrasound that day to confirm it and from there I was referred to two different specialists in Winnipeg who would consider performing an ECV (external cephalic version, which is moving baby in a hospital while being monitored). I didn’t have a good feeling about the first Doctor and I believe you need to feel confident in your care provider to be confident, so I didn’t continue care with that person. I went back the next morning to meet another Doctor who I felt confident with but going by ultrasounds, Hunter and I were both too small for her liking so there would be extra precautions. Plus if complications came or he flipped back into breech, then I would have to have a cesarean birth there in Winnipeg. I really needed my midwives to be with me so I decided not to go through with the ECV. In the meantime, I researched Spinning Babies, I stretched my hips, saw a chiropractor, tried turning him with music, cold temperature and lights. I took pulsatilla, which is a homeopathic, natural remedy uses to turn breech babies. Because I knew that I have a bicornuate uterus, which basically means my uterus is heart-shaped, I was unsure that he would be able to flip back to the head down position, but I was optimistic and tried what I could in a short amount of time. An appointment in Brandon was made to meet my doctor and schedule a cesarean birth (hoping he would still turn on his own before that date). My water broke at 430am that morning when I thought I was waking up for my one of many middle of the night pees. I felt fine, so I went back to bed. Later that morning I had let my fiancé know that today could be our baby’s birthday, but I would update him after my appointment and he went to work as usual. During my appointment, I had brought up that I thought my water had broke, but wasn’t sure. I wasn’t feeling any discomfort but to be safe, I was told to head over to the hospital to get checked. A short time later, I was admitted and my water had in fact broken and we began prepping for a cesarean birth. I called my fiancé right away as he had to rush from Shilo to make it there in time. He made it with almost no time to spare before I went into the operating room. I don’t remember a lot that this point. I was filled with adrenaline. I was nervous as this was not on my birth wish list and hadn’t put a lot of thought into what would happen in a cesarean birth (A doula will go through all of these scenarios with you so you are not going in blind). Honestly, the only thing I really remember is hearing that beautiful cry and when I saw him, the first thing I said was “is he blonde?” 😂 Sometimes the first words spoken after birth are the funniest, and I think mine might be at the top. He really was the blondest little baby I had ever seen, and so many people wishing us well wishes on his birth made comments about his blonde hair too. I don’t remember much about being in recovery other than overhearing a nurse say that they could bring him in to meet me, and I must be going crazy not being able to be with my baby (I was. It felt like a lifetime). Once I met my sweetheart, I placed him on my chest and he took to my breast right away. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I went on to nurse that baby for almost four years and self weaned about a month before his fourth birthday.

Looking back, I wish I had went ahead with hiring a Doula for extra one on one support, especially since I was then grieving my birth. Things can change so quickly and unexpectedly and being full of anxiety and hormones, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around what was happening. I would have appreciated that extra voice to advocate for me and talk to me so I understood what was happening. Along with being a mother to the person to inspired me to be a doula and with being obsessed with all things birth and postpartum related, the reason I wanted to be in the field of work is so I could be there in the happy times, emotional times, sometimes scary and nerve racking times. My goal is to empower you and give you confidence so you can talk about your birth story with joy and happiness behind every word.

If you are interested in sharing your birth story too, we encourage you to attend our monthly meeting- Soul Mama Stories, starting soon! Details to follow! You are welcome to comment your story or private message us too!

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