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Sheri Reimer

Registered Massage Therapist 

~covered by all insurance companies, direct billing available for Bluecross~

Sheri specializes in prenatal and therapeutic massage, a wonderful massage for the mom to be!  As your body transforms throughout the three trimesters she will address your aches and pains while providing a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Using a specially designed safe, comfy pregnancy table she will help to promote a healthy pregnancy, decrease strain and postural discomforts and help to increase body awareness.


Some benefits of prenatal massage include:

-more restful sleeps

-reduced muscle discomfort

-reduce swelling

-helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure

-allows you to view your body as a whole

-relaxing for mom in turn relaxing for the baby



$89.25 tax included for an hour massage

$126.00 tax included for an hour and a half massage

*Gift Certificates available*

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