Client Referrals & Testimonials

Melissa & Lester Thiessen

If you are reading this I can only hope that you are considering hiring a doula. I strongly recommend doing so, and Sheri is an excellent choice! She was a tremendous help to us before and during our daughters’ birth.

I really wanted a positive birth experience after my first was traumatic and my second was a c-section due to being breach. So with my third, I was pro-active in planning for a VBAC and I knew I would need some additional support. Thankfully Sheri and I connected and I will forever be grateful. She was professional during our meetings, had terrific ideas, suggestions and resources for my husband and I before the birth. She also gave a glorious pre-natal massage! She was an excellent support for me, during the weeks before labor, willing to listen to my crazy texts and to ground me in that anxious time. We live an hour and a half away from the hospital, which added our nervousness in having a VBAC. Sheri had suggestions of conversations we should have with our doctor, and was a great help with offering suggestions and tools during labor. I feel so blessed to have had a massage therapist as a doula, she massaged my feet and back during labor and I will forever be grateful for that act of kindness. I knew how hard Sheri was rooting for me to have the VBAC that I wanted, and so after 24 hours of labor, and no progression, when the doctor repeated his recommendation for a c-section and I agreed for the sake of the baby, I was extremely impressed with how supportive Sheri was of my decision. It turned out to be the right decision as during the c-section the doctor realized what stopped the baby from progressing, there were complications to not let the baby drop down properly, my VBAC was not meant to be. She helped me remember that a safe baby and a safe mama are more important than the type of birth. She was a great help to my husband while I was laboring, supporting him and telling him what was a big deal and what wasn’t, as well as how to help me to be comfortable, and then while I was in recovery, she was there to support him and the baby while they waited for me. Hiring a doula was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I would be honoured to share the experience again with Sheri in a heartbeat.

Donelda & Andy

Bethany was great! Having a doula was high on my list of wants for my first birth, and now I won't do it without! Bethany was tehre through everything, keeping me calm and moving! She respected the fact that I wanted a natural birth but made sure I knew all my options and talked me through every decision I needed to make! She was a lifesaver and I know for sure without her my birth plan would have for sure changed and it wouldn't have been all I wanted! I can't thank her enough!!!

Words from my husband - I highly suggest a doula! Without Bethany our very unusual birth would have been a nightmare. She kept us all calm and made it into a great memory! I tell all my expecting friends about doulas now!

Thank you so so so much, Bethany!


Kelcey was an amazing support before, during and after delivery. She was calm and sweet and made me and my husband feel comfortable. She was a wealth of information with all our questions and she knew just how to help me labour. She was right there helping me adjust to becoming a new mom and I really appreciated everything!

Michelle & Neil


Sheri was my prenatal massage therapist and doula for my second child, born in October 2013.
Having a doula helped me cope with anxiety, deal with labour pains (breathing help, lower back massage) and made me feel more at ease with everything. Sheri helped get me out of my own head (ie when labour pain ramped up, I started refusing to move off the bed, out of panic). Sheri convinced me to try new positions and even take a bath, which helped keep me calm! I liked that Sheri talked about birth wishes rather than a birth “plan” because in no way can anyone expect the plan to go 100% perfect!

Jodi & John Smart

Sheri was our doula for the birth of both our children. She has endless knowledge about pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Her background of a registered massage therapist is an added bonus, as she can use various techniques to relieve pain and provide comfort during labor. Sheri was our advocate in the hospital and made sure our birth plan was being followed. She was able to explain things to my husband and I in ways that were easier for us to understand. Sheri not only provided support to me, but she provided support, comfort and guidance to my husband. She is professional, reliable, caring, and just an all-around wonderful woman. Sheri is passionate about empowering women during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I would without a doubt highly recommend her to anyone considering using a doula.


Carolyn & Dan

Sheri was my Doula back in 2013 for the birth of our daughter. It was great to have someone that was very knowledgeable about childbirth and supportive before and after the birth. She provided books, videos and websites exploring various techniques for childbirth and strategies for going through labour as well as breastfeeding information. Sheri was also someone I knew that I could talk to in confidence and as a friend. She really helped myself and my husband get through the labour which many would agree can be quite arduous. I wish her all the best in this endeavor and would definitely recommend her services to friends and family.



Kristen & Jesse

I had the pleasure of having Sheri Reimer’s amazing help as my Doula. It was a new thing to me, and I am so grateful to have had her support. When you are having your first baby, we all know there are so many other firsts, so having her knowledge close by was fabulous! Having a doula was just the best feeling knowing you had someone there to ask excessive questions too and to have your very own personal advocate in a situation you are not familiar with. They know everything! Tips on how to get through labour and an extra explanation if needed after you’ve talked to doctors. I totally recommend a doula to anyone who is considering having one!